In 1890, some out of work glass workers started a cooperative glass factory near Major�s Wharf on Tilbury Road.This was a third glass factory operating in the city of Salem.

The initial company was called Alva Glass Company, with Robert Torrens as President, and N. S. Fox treasurer, Joseph R. Westcott as superintendent, and John Fox, John Westcott, Henry Isler, Thomas Cunningham, Whitall Mingin, and David McQuillan as blowers.��� There were 28 employees in total using a 106 x 48 foot main building.��� They had a melt tank which held over 4 tons of molten glass.����

Their products were various types of bottles including blacking bottles, Bixby�s Shoe dressing, ammonia ovals, and 14 oz flat panel bottles.��� The company was incorporated in 1892 and the name changed to the Alva Glass Manufacturing Co.����� In February, 1897, Whitall E. Mingin, an original glass blower, filed court proceedings against Alva.�� Between the court proceedings and a reduction in the business climate, Alva was forced to cease by 1899.��� The building was then leased by the Philadelphia Pickle Co., and after a few years, the building became a warehouse for the Salem Glass Works.�����


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