There has been the presence of the glass industry in Salem County New Jersey since the early 18th Century, although not continuous.��� There was a gap of about 80 years through the early 19th century.�� The first glass production started in 1739, just north of Alloway, New Jersey, at the Wistarburgh Glass Works.��� This factory made mostly window lites and bottles, and operated until 1782.���


In the early 1860�s, several factors made it ideal for glass production to return to Salem County.��� The railroad was finally going to reach Salem, allowing a constant supply of coal to be used for fuel for making glass.�� There also was the Civil War, which created many markets for glass bottles.�� After a gap of eighty years,Henry Hall, Joseph Pancoast, and John Craven started making glass in 1862, at a plant between Griffin Street and the Salem River in Salem, New Jersey.��� It was known as the Salem Glass Works.This plant has operated continuously for over 100 years under several different ownerships, and is still in operation.����� In 1863, Holz, Clark, and Taylor started making glass on Front Street in Salem.�� This plant eventually became the Gayner Glass Works and operated continuously until 1979.��� Also in 1863, Smith, Hires, Lambert, and Hires started a window glass factory in Quinton, New Jersey.��� This plant eventually became Hires & Co. and then Hires-Turner Glass Co.��� Although Hires-Turner continues to sell window glass, the Quinton plant ceased production in 1908.�� In 1885, the Elmer Glass Companies Lower Works started making window glass in Elmer, New Jersey.�� This plant eventually made fruit jars and insulators, and closed in 1907.��� In 1896, G. M. Bassett started the Upper Works in Elmer.��� This plant also made fruit jars and novelties before closing in 1907.��� And finally, in 1890, some out of work glassworkers started the Alva Glass Manufacturing Co. off of West Broadway near Majors Wharf in Salem.�� They ceased operation in 1899.�������


With glass production starting in the early 18th century, and production continuing into the 21st century, Salem County can be proud of its� very long history with glass production.


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